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BOWL Leather contemporary cat furniture

BOWL Leather contemporary cat furniture, contemporary cat furniture,cat basket,cat bed

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Handmade in Germany by pet-interiors

BOWL Leather contemporary cat furniture, contemporary cat furniture,cat basket,cat bed

This unique cat basket can be appreciated for its perfect workmanship.

With this cat bed out of real leather, you will create the perfect relaxing wellness oasis for your pet. The luxury contemporary cat furniture with its clear lines fits perfectly in any modern living area. The comfortable pillow has a orthopaedic latex-filling specifically developed for pets. It makes absolutely no noise when the cat moves, thus enabling a quiet and calm sleep.

3 sizes: 55 x 55 cm, 55 x 70 cm, 70 x 70 cm
Material cat basket: real leather
Cushion cover fleece: cozy & warming in 9 colors, machine washable at 30°
Cushion cover cotton: durable & cooling in 4 colors, machine washable at 60°
Cushion: orthopaedic 100% High quality latex filling machine washable at 40°C
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Size XS: cushion ca. 45 x 45 cm, basket overall dimension ca. 55 x 55 cm, height ca. 20 cm
Size S: cushion ca. 45 x 60 cm, basket overall dimension ca. 55 x 70 cm, height ca. 20 cm
Size M: cushion ca. 60 x 60 cm, basket overall dimension ca. 70 x 70 cm, height ca. 20 cm

Special design on request.

The bottom of the hand-made basket in semi-aniline leather is made of strong needle felting. We manufacture the leather baskets using European cowskin, semi-aniline skin with a natural surface. The leather gains its peculiar look and the soft touch thanks to a special finishing process.
leather colors, white, cream, brown and black
Care of leather:
There are no specific cleaning instructions. Dirty areas can simply be cleaned with a wet cloth and cleansing agents usual in commerce (diluted, never concentrated) observing the instructions of the manufacturer of the specific cleansing agent.
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Cushion with High Quality Latex Filling:

An adequate and ideal lying position must be the top criterium when it comes to choosing an animal bed. Normal commercial animal beds are usually filled with foam plastics with very little density, with rests of thin polyester fleece and foam plastics or polystyrine balls. They are usually far too thin and not stable enough, resulting in your pet ending up sleeping quite soon on the hard, cold floor. Such fillings do not offer your pet the necessary point elasticity for a proper support of the spine and of the joints.

Our cushion inlet was specifically optimized for animals according to specific orthopedic criteria. They are filled with high-quality latex balls with a very high density. As a general rule, the higher the density, the more elastic, durable, sustainable, and the better will be the support effect of cushions and their capability to regain shape, as well as their support of the main position changes when sleeping. Thanks to the high density, the cushions maintain their stability and shape for a long time, remain permanently elastic and last for very long and are hardwearing.

The excellent point elasticity of our latex filling moulds perfectly to the individual shape of your animal, in order to avoid any compressions on the intervertebral disks and moving joints of the spine. An excessive compression on the spine would interfere with its regeneration. Thanks to the optimized height of cushions - which varies according to the size and weight of the animal - and to the specific latex filling in their core, our indoor cushions for pets offer your beloved four-footed a perfect sensation of lightness and relaxation for their spine and their joints. Besides, it is possible to minimize or even avoid bedsore and pressure sore, especially in elder animals or in animals affected by hip joint dysplasia or arthrosis. Such category of cats and dogs is helped to stand up thanks to the natural boost of latex.

Through the usage of latex, our cushions are anti-allergic, antibacterial, and regulate humidity and temperature. Latex also has antiseptic characteristics and is very unlikely to be attacked by mites.The padding is absolutely noiseless when the animal moves, thus enabling a quiet and restorative sleep. Latex offers an excellent capability of suspension and to regain shape in the position changes; it is absolutely noiseless when the animal moves, thus enabling a quiet and restorative sleep, as well as ensuring a perfect relaxation and regeneration of your beloved four-footed.

Care of cushion:
If necessary, the cushion inlets can be machine-washed at 30º C, although they have a quite long drying time. Please do not dry in dryers!

It was the animals themselves that chose the fabric for the covers. During long test series we laid out the most varied types of fabrics here in the office, where our four-footed could lie down and sleep. The fleece we now use was unanimously selected by every cat and dog as their favourite material. Animals love this material because of its closely-woven pile, its softness and its warmth features. But this fabric is also suitable for cushion covers thanks to the breathable activity of the material and the good characteristics for its care. Our cosy fleece, with a density of 400g per square metre, is manufactured in Italy for high-quality outdoor coverings. It remains perfectly soft and fluffy even after frequent washing and has an anti-pilling system.
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Care of Fleece:
Cushion covers can be machine-washed at 40º C and then gently dried in a dryer at low temperature. This enables to remove the remaining animal hairs.

Slight variations in the colour of the material are possible.
If you are uncertain about the material and colour you should choose, please request us a sample.